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All Area Honors is a not for profit Awards program which is dedicated to recognizing outstanding student-athletes in a national environment.

The All Area Honors designation is awarded by our national All Area Honors committee of coaches, scouts, and alumni.

Our mission is to recognize deserving student athletes with college & professional aspirations and help support their efforts through distinction, exposure, networking, community engagement, and leadership. Our network of schools, coaches, scouts, and alumni is unsurpassed by any other student organization in high school sports.

The NCAA Division I Council has passed legislation that allows partial scholarship sports such as baseball to use merit-based awards and scholarships for student-athletes without counting against a team’s scholarship limit. NCAA Division 1 Baseball only has 11.7 athletic scholarships per roster, NCAA Division 2 has a maximum of 9 scholarships per roster, and NCAA Division 3 has zero athletic scholarships.


Building your community service hours not only helps with your high school graduation requirements, but also helps you stand out with merit-based college scholarships. It's important to be a leader on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.

All Area Honors Award nominees qualify for the following programs & events.

- SACSN National Team

- SACSN National High School Leadership Awards

- SACSN North vs. South Charity Games & Collegiate Main Event Showcase

- SACSN community service projects and hours documentation

- Letter of Award and recommendation geared toward college admissions

and merit-scholarships.

99% of our athletes receive some form of merit college scholarship aid

Hundreds of alumni are playing at every level of college baseball

107 alumni drafted by MLB since 2014

14 First Round Selections

10 making their MLB debut

Our collective charitable efforts have helped contribute over 1 Million dollars to Honda Birdies for Children, Children's Health Care Charities Inc and Nicklaus Children's Hospital Foundation.

Charitable partner:

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7.8 Million 

According to the NCAA there are about 7.8 million high school athletes.


According to the NCAA there are about 480,000 college athletes competing in NCAA sponsored sports.

According to the NCAA less than 7% of high school athletes will move on to compete in the NCAA. All Area Honors helps athletes succeed. How will you stand out from the pack? 90% of our most dedicated athletes move on to play at the college level.

Reality of athletic scholarships

Athletic scholarships are probably the least dependable form of financial aid. Every year, tens of thousands of rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors lose scholarships they had counted on. Some athletes have scholarships pulled away before even arriving on campus as a freshman. We see it every year - programs over commit players and due to  limited scholarships, have no choice. NCAA Division 1 & 2 schools have limited athletic scholarships per sport and NCAA Division 3 schools don't offer any athletic scholarships.


The majority of athletic scholarships have to be renewed each year. So for pretty much any reason, a school can pull a players scholarship after a year.  Reasons can include poor athletic performance, poor academic performance, poor behavior or simply just a change in program vision.


It's critical to be positioned to maximize merit based scholarship aid. Having a well rounded profile can be the difference maker in achieving your academic goals. SACSN All Area Honors helps by:


- Identify and recognize collegiate caliber student athletes.

- Providing a platform for athletes to "Stand Out" and build well rounded individual profiles.

- Connecting our network of athletes, schools, coaches, scouts, and alumni.

- Distinction & Recognition in a national environment. 

- SACSN No Fee College/Draft Advisory: Helping hundreds of families navigate the college recruiting and draft process.


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