To help you along, here are the total number of birdies made in each of the last fourteen tournaments (all have been played at PGA National Resort & Spa - Champion Course):

  • 2007: 1,116 Birdies 

  • 2008: 1,144 Birdies 

  • 2009: 1,180 Birdies

  • 2010: 1,181 Birdies 

  • 2011: 1,041 Birdies 

  • 2012: 1,279 Birdies 

  • 2013: 1,244 Birdies 

  • 2014: 1,363 Birdies 

  • 2015: 1,168 Birdies 

  • 2016: 1,246 Birdies 

  • 2017: 1,361 Birdies 

  • 2018: 1,090 Birdies 

  • 2019: 1,320 Birdies

  • 2020: 1.172 Birdies

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Questions please call or text Coach Tino 561-267-7947


Roger Dean Stadium

4751 Main Street

Jupiter, FL 33458



Please wear WHITE pants, black socks, and your high school or travel team hat.

All players must bring their own water/hydration. Due to covid-19 protocols we will not have a water cooler in the dugouts and we ask that you do not share drinks or cups.

Please bring your pre-paid gas card donation - we will be collecting them at check in. Our gas card program support the Jack Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation. We help support children of families with financial constraints, get their children needing medical treatments, back and forth to treatment appointments. This is a collective group project and reflects part of your service hours. We recommend a $20 pre-paid gas card that can be purchased at any gas station or Publix.

Check in is at the Main Gate entrance to Roger Dean Stadium located at 4751 Main Street - Jupiter, Florida

You will receive your jersey at check in.

Please locate your name on the rosters below and your check in time.

Group 1
Check in at 8:00 am
roster 301 (1).jpg

Group 2
Check in at 1:30 pm

201 (1).jpg

Important: Due to covid-19 we will not be providing water cooler or lunch/snacks. Each player is required to bring lunch/snacks and drinks for the day. There will be no concession stand available.

Participation contributions are charitable donations and non-refundable. If unforeseen injury or conflict occurs your contribution will be credited to future programming.

Airport Information:


Roger Dean Stadium is about 18 miles north of Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)

Hotel Information:

Stadium Courtyard by Marriott

4800 Main Street

Jupiter, Florida 33458


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sacsnSchwarz111.png 2015-12-21-10:27:32

Congrats Tyler Judge (2019) on your commitment to George Washington

Congrats AJ Orrico on your commitment to FSCJ

Congrats Nicholas Toney on your commitment to Florida Atlantic University